Eliminare le tossine per un mese

Let’s try to get everything toxic out of the house this month, here are several examples:

1) Lysol

2) Clorox

3) Bug Spray

4) Hair Spray

5) Spray Deodorant

6) Spray furniture polish

#’s 4, 5, & 6 are not a problem because of the intensity of the toxins in them, but because when they are sprayed, thousands of small particles get in the air and get breathed in, where they not only have their own toxic effects, in many cases they also coat and plug up the surface of the lungs, where oxygen is supposed to be absorbed, so they also diminish oxygen absorption and damage you that way.

7) Old paint cans

8) Old cans of furniture finishing solutions

9) Any other cans or jars that have things that smell even slightly toxic to you!

10) High sodium foods: Pickles, canned chicken noodle soup, bacon, frozen pot pies, fast food french fries, sauerkraut, luncheon meats. Also, processed foods like luncheon meats, bacon and sausages have Nitrosamines added to preserve their color over time, and this stuff causes DNA damage to our cells!!

11) High sugar foods: sodas of all kinds (and the low sugar ones may be worse, as they have artificial sweeteners that are neurotoxic!!), donuts, candy bars.

12) High fat foods: margarine and butter (both have trans fats in them also!), most fried foods, milk and cheese. (And even low or no fat milk and cheeses still have the protein casein in them, and this protein Promotes the Growth of Tumors and Cancers!)

13) Cut back on tobacco smoking, or quit ; One way to quit smoking, esp. if it is a problem for you to do it “cold turkey,” is the gradual weaning off of the cigs. For example, if you smoke 20 cigarettes per day, then resolve to only smoke 19 tomorrow, then keep smoking 19 per day for 2 more days (a total of 3 days), then the next day only smoke 18 per day for the next 3 days, then 17, then 16, etc. So, by this method, starting with the day you go down to 19 cigarettes per day, it would take you 59 days to get to zero cigs/day.

Basically in two months you could be at the point of quitting, hopefully permanently. AND, even if you cannot “stay quit,” it has been found that for most people that eventually quit permanently, it took them 7 attempts to make it, so don’t get discouraged, it’s better to quit and go back than to just stay on the smokes!!

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