Errate convinzioni sulla necessità di consumare carne

Some misinformed people are operating with some incorrect beliefs like
a) meat is required for a healthy diet, and that
b) meat is not harmful if it is free of hormones and antibiotics, and that
c) we evolved to eat meat based on our dental structures.
All of these beliefs are either based on lies or ignorance, or an incomplete understanding of the role of nutrients and foods in our health. I will try to dispel some of the more frequent incorrect such beliefs or assumptions here.
1) We have incisors which are teeth designed for tearing meat, therefore we evolved to eat meat. What’s wrong with this? Look at a Bull Gorilla, the most powerful primate on Earth. They have enormous incisors or canine teeth, yet they are totally Vegan!! Next, take those puny incisors and try taking a bite out of a cow!! Our teeth are worthless when it comes to hunting animals, and we can’t even eat raw meat even without the skin/hide/leather on it, we have to cook it to soften it enough to get it down at all !!
2) Cavemen lived off 45 to 65% meat diets and did not develop degenerative disease like we have today.
What’s wrong with this? Anthropologists point out that
a) cavemen died at about the age of 35, which is too young to develop degenerative diseases like 70 year olds get nowadays;
b) We Did NOT Eat large percentages of meat in our diets. analysis of skeletons showed that meat was a rare thing in our diets back then, our molars (used for grinding down grain and tougher vegetables) were worn down by age 35, and they would not have been worn down if we were mostly eating meat;
c) anthropologists have also found skeletons/skulls with remnants of grains between their teeth, but NO such evidence of either meat, gristle, or small particles of bone as would be expected if humans and humanoids ate much meat in their diets.
3) Meat, due to high fat and protein levels, helps keep sugar levels stable.
What’s wrong with this? it is in saying you have to have meat to have either high fat or high protein. Nuts are very high in fats and that’s why they are fattening. Hamburger is about 22% protein, broccoli is about 35% protein, which one sounds more like high protein now?
4) Meat keeps energy levels high and creates a feeling of satiety between meals reducing cravings for unhealthy foods.
What’s wrong with this? Actually this may not be totally wrong, but it is NOT ONLY meat that maintains energy levels and reduces cravings. Healthy fats like those from walnuts and avocado do that, as do complex carbohydrates such as those found in things like cauliflower, sweet potato, leafy green vegetables, and eggplant.
5) Meat is healthy for you as long as there are no antibiotics nor hormones in it.
What’s wrong with this? There was a study done on the entire country of Norway after World War II, which assessed death rates from heart attacks and strokes.
They found that before the war the country had a high heart attack and stroke rate, and this death rate Plummeted during the war, after Germany took away their cattle, sheep, pigs, chickens, etc. to feed the German army. They also found that right after the war was over and the population was again able to get access to eating beef, chicken, milk, eggs, and pork, their heart attack and stroke rates SOARED back up to previous levels! And, you have to remember, this was in the late 1940’s, Before hormones could even be synthesized / produced, and when the only antibiotics available were all used on humans only, none wasted on animals!

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